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Founder & Creative Director

With a brilliant combination of modern design, art, creativity and luxury materials, Alzúarr’s footwear collections have become a symbol for the power woman. Shoe Artist, Zeynep Dag, founded Alzúarr in 2017 to create shoes that gave women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds the feeling of power and confidence.

Since she was a little girl, Zeynep had big dreams to work in the fashion industry. Throughout the years, Zeynep has known hard times and struggles but she found out that the shoes she was wearing gave her the power to pull through. She came to the conclusion that it was her heels that made her feel powerful and confident.

Zeynep’s mother had a huge part in her life and has supported Zeynep in every moment. Together with Zeynep, they experienced and got through these hard times. Zeynep’s mother is an inspiration to Zeynep of who a powerwoman is.

Zeynep believes that shoes can communicate and that is exactly what she wants to achieve as a shoe artist. She wants to communicate power and confidence to women in all shapes and sizes, from all different backgrounds. This is where she succeeded. Just two weeks after the launch of Alzúarr, Rihanna became one of the first customers and the brand became an international success. From that moment on, Alzúarr began growing and more clients became interested in the shoes such as, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Nina Dobrev, Mary J. Blige.